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Below you will find questions that have come in over the years from clients of mine followed by my answer. The topic in each question is highlighted in bold.

If you have a question for Oram, submit it by sending an email to with the words "Question from Website Reader" in the Subject Line, and I will post the answer on this page.

This page last updated July 7, 2009.


Question: "Are there any adverse health issues associated with steel siding?"

-- p.o., White Bear Lake, Minnesota

Answer: "Yes, there are several potential health issues associated with steel siding. It starts with ..." Read More ...


Question: "Can you suggest the least expensive and environmentally safe window replacement materials for the chemically sensitive? I currently have large old casement windows. They are rusting and have cranks that get stuck. Although the look is delicate and clean-lined, I must replace them. Most high end, energy-saving brands may have toxins that outgas."

-- a.r., Long Island, New York

Answer: "Thanks for your question on replacement windows. Here are my thoughts ... Read More ...


Question: "A woman I know is asking me how to get word out about the dangers of certain infrared saunas. I do not at this time recall anything written about infrared saunas on your website."

-- j.m., Coon Rapids, Minnesota

Answer: "The reason you don't see anything on my website about it is because understanding the health hazards of infrared saunas is a tricky thing... Read More ...


Question: "Dumb question, I fear - but here it is: Are cordless lawnmowers (not electric but rechargeable battery cordless) bad for you? I was reminded that cordless phones are bad."

-- k.s., St. Louis Park, Minnesota

Answer: "There are no dumb questions unless they are not asked. It's always good to get one's questions answered.

"A cordless electric lawn mower is a great idea... Read More ...


Question: "'You gotta watch this!!!' (referring to videos on the web showing a group of friends sitting around a table with four cellphones pointed at one another with popcorn popping in the middle of them when all four phones are called from four other phones.)"

-- c.r., Rochester, Minnesota

Answer: "I really hate to counter what is turning out to be a good visual to get people to think twice about how much their cell phone may be harming them, but ... Read More ...


Question: "Just a quick question - you know the EMF-reducing bed canopy? Some are topaz, some slilver. I was just wondering if they can be toxic? Are these heavy metals? Any mercury, aluminium or other toxic metals & substances in them? And are they safe to breathe in if they enclose the bed of someone extremely ill and sensitive? Do they smell? Can you get any info on that?"

-- l.k.

Answer: "Thanks for your question. I honestly have not heard anyone in my profession say these are toxic ... Read More ...


Question: "I'm wondering if you might be able to help me by suggesting if there is a cell phone that has less EMF than others? Also, I was wondering if you know if there is one brand that has a lower EMF than others or if it has more to do with your carrier?"

-- k.d., Calgary, Alberta

Answer: "Please take a look at the page, 'Steps to Protect Yourself from Cell Phone Frequencies' on my website. I have many suggestions there to help you use cell phones more safely. There are many different types of EMFs and many different ways to protect yourself, so see if that information is helpful to you."

"Regarding the question of which brand has the lowest EMF expsoure, since you ask about specifics, please be aware that ... Read More ...


Question: "I'm building a new house and want to avoid EMFs. The wiring issue seems to be my key worry! I'm almost thinking it would be better to spend the money and go back to metal-clad wiring everywhere, rather than having the electrician only use it in and around the bedrooms (due to budgetary constraints), as you have recommended."

"Also, I'm nervous that the electrician won't get it right. Do I need to replace or shield every appliance cord that is plugged into outlets connected to metal-clad circuits in the walls (which shield against electric field exposure)?"

-- k.f., Denton, Texas

Answer: "If you can afford it, it is always best to install metal-clad wiring ... Read More ...


If you have a question for Oram, submit it by sending an email to with the words "Question from Website Reader" in the Subject Line, and I will post the answer on this page.

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