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Building Biology

International Institute for Bau-BiologieTM and Ecology (IBE)
A resource of information and products for healthy buildings as well as courses & seminars;

Larry J. Gust Consulting
Website for Larry Gust, EE, Certified Mold Remediator, BBEC, Certified Building Biologist and Electrical Engineer in Ventura, California and teacher of Building Biology courses. A national consultant for Electromagnetic Field measurement and remediation;

Environmental Options
Email address for Spark Burmaster, EE, BBEC, Certified Building Biologist and Electrical Engineer in Chaseburg, Wisconsin and teacher of Building Biology courses. A national consultant for Electromagnetic Field measurement and remediation;

George Swanson Associates
Website for George Swanson, BBEC, Designer, Builder and Certified Building Biologist in Austin, Texas and authority on the use of magnesium oxide building panels and cement-bonded wall forms;

Mary Cordaro, Inc.
From her website: "Mary Cordaro is the president and Founder of Mary Cordaro Inc., specializing in consulting on healthy, green home building and remodeling, diagnosing and solving 'sick building syndrome', and education." Mary provides "both the diagnosis of and solutions for the existing 'sick home' or building, as well as the building and remodeling of new homes and workplaces."
Located in the San Fernando Valley, north of Los Angeles;

Green Nest
The building biology practice of Ron and Lisa Beres, husband and wife building biologists. From their website: "Green Nest is an online store that offers natural home products for green living as well as green living tips for a healthy home. Green Nest specializes in providing certified organic products for the home including organic mattresses, shower water filters, organic crib bedding, indoor air purifiers and natural floor carpet. Owners Lisa and Ron Beres are Building biologists and Certified Green Building Professionals, dedicated to protecting against unseen toxins in the home. Indoor air quality test kits, EMF cell phone protection, natural pet products and non-toxic organic cleaning products are also critical to avoid harmful chemicals in the home environment."
Based in Irvine, California; 888-473-6466.

Living Architecture
A full service architectural and consulting firm located in Ketchum, Idaho, serving commercial and residential clients nationwide. LEED certified. All projects are based upon sustainable principles and Bau-biologie. Twenty-five years of experience;

Safe Living Technologies
Website for Robert Metzinger, Building Biologist and head of Safe Living Technologies, providing EMF Safety Protection Products for Electromagnetic Field detection and mitigation;

Intentional Environment
Website for Damon Coyne, a building biologist providing healthy home and office evaluations in the greater Minneapolis/St. Paul metro area. Damon also offers Feng Shui and dowsing services;

Environmental Healing Services
Website for Frank DiCristina, a building biologist providing healthy home and office evaluations in the greater Minneapolis/St. Paul metro area. Frank also provides dowsing services and he is a sound healing specialist. He also offers Reiki and Himalayan Relaxation Therapy;

Eco Shaylee (formerly Green Home Inspections and Remediation)
Website for Sharon (Shaylee) Oleson, a healthy home consultant who has taken several Building Biology courses. Shaylee provides healthy home and office evaluations in the greater Minneapolis/St. Paul metro area;

Indoor Environmental Technologies
Website for Will Spates, BBEC, Certified Building Biologist and teacher of Building Biology courses. Head of Indoor Environmental Technologies, Clearwater, Florida-based provider of environmental building testing and remediation services;

Books by Building Biologists and Books of Interest to Those with Environmental Sensitivities

"Prescriptions for A Healthy House" by Paula Baker-Laporte, BBEC, Erica Elliott, MD, and John Banta
Considered the bible on building a non-toxic healthy home. The authors include an architect and Bau-biologist, a family physician trained in environmental medicine, and an indoor environmental expert.

Eco Nest -- Creating Sustainable Sanctuaries of Clay, Straw and Timber by Paula Baker-Laporte and Robert Laporte
A beautiful compendium of the living spaces created by architect and Building Biologist, Paula Baker-Laporte and her builder husband, Robert Laporte. These buildings are built with nontoxic materials in a way that respects the environment around them and makes wise use of resources.

"Homes That Heal (And Those That Don't): How Your Home May Be Harming Your Family's Health" by Athena Thompson, BBEC
"An easy-to-understand introduction to the science of Building Biology and how it applies towards new construction, remodels and the daily maintenance of a home. Solution-oriented and humorous, this book is full of advise and stories that empower people to take back their health on a daily basis. Includes a Healthy Home Quiz to get you started."

"Just Green It!" by Ron and Lisa, Beres, BBEC
Written by a husband and wife team of building biologists located in Irvine, California, this book presents "Simple Swaps to Save the Planet and Your Health." From their website, "'Just Green It!' is a unique guide to eco-friendly lifestyle choices which offers hundreds of simple product swaps. It compares brand-name products side-by-side, making it easy for consumers to make environmentally-friendly choices on everything from light bulbs and mattresses to baby food. Along the way, Ron and Lisa debunk the 'greenwashing' that is so prevalent in modern marketing."

"Healthy Living Spaces: Top 10 Hazards Affecting Your Health" by Dan Stih, BBEC
Written by a building biologist based in Santa Fe, New Mexico. His book covers such topics as, "Preventing Toxic Mold; The Clean, Green Baby's Room; Air Purifiers that Work."

"Breathing Walls" by Oram Miller and George Swanson. Edited by Wayne Federer.
Oram, George and Wayne have compiled a manual of protocols for the design and construction of a healthy or remodeled home or office. We present the rationale behind these protocols and provide workable alternatives to current building practices that do not create optimum health for occupants.

"Zapped" by Dr. Ann Louise Gittleman
Ann is an award-winning author on various topics of nutrition. She is EMF-sensitive and recently wrote Zapped to chronical how she protected herself from EMFs in her own life. Ann is a member of the board of directors of the International Institute of Bau-biologieTM and Ecology (IBE).
Ann was a guest on November 3, 2010 on the nationwide radio program, Coast to Coast AM. To hear the archive of her show, click here. You will need to either be an existing subscriber to the show's "Coast Insider" archive service, or sign up for $6.95 per month (a bargain for some of the most amazing information you will learn anywhere -- Oram has been a subscriber and listener for years).

Building Information and Green Building Organizations

US Green Building Council (USGBC)
From the website: "The U.S. Green Building Council is a 501(c)(3) non-profit community of leaders working to make green buildings available to everyone within a generation." The USGBC developed and promotes the Leadership in Ecological and Environmental Design, or LEED program, which gives detailed recommendations and specifications for green, sustainable design and construction of commercial and residential construction.

Architecture 2030
From the website: "2030's mission is to rapidly transform the US and global Building Sector from the major contributor of greenhouse gas emissions to a central part of the solution to the global-warming crisis. Our goal is straightforward: to achieve a dramatic reduction in the global-warming-causing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions of the Building Sector by changing the way buildings and developments are planned, designed and constructed."

Energy and Environmental Building Association (EEBA)
Publisher of an ecologically-based Builder's Guide.

Publisher of Green Building News, an online resource.

Building Green
Publishers of Environmental Building News. Also offers GreenSpec, BuildingGreen's premiere product information service containing detailed listings for more than 1,700 green building products with environmental data, manufacturer information, and links to additional resources.

Minnesota GreenStar Program
Minnesota's homegrown green, renewable and sustainable building program. Sponsored by the Builder's Association of Minnesota (BAM) and the Builder's Association of the Twin Cities (BATC), the Minnesota GreenStar Program provides a checklist and manual for new construction and remodeling residential projects.

Green Built Home
A voluntary green building initiative that reviews and certifies homes that meet sustainable building and energy standards. The program is implemented in partnership with the Madison (Wisconsin) Area Builders Association in cooperation with other participating builders associations, leading utilities and organizations that promote green building.

Chemical Sensitivities, Mold and Allergies

Chemical Injury Information Network
A resource for and by Chemically Injured individuals.

Lassen Technologies
A resource for the Chemically Injured, Chemically Sensitive and the Environmentally Ill.

Environmental Health Center
Founded by William Rea, MD. A world reknowned center for the diagnosis and treatment of environmental illness (EI). Located in Dallas, Texas; 214-368-4132.

One of the best sites on the web regarding mold, its characteristics and its potential health effects.

National Allergy Supply Incorporated
A storehouse of information and non-toxic products for all allergy sufferers.

Ecology and Healthy Living

Human Ecology Action League (HEAL)
A resource on all things related to human ecology and the health effects of environments on human health.

Healthy House Institute
Information, books & videos on healthy homes.

Care to Make a Difference
An environmental network for healthy living and a healthy planet.

Electrical and Magnetic Field (EMF) Sensitivities

Association for Comprehensive Neurotherapy
A valuable compendium of articles on the dangers of cell phone use, including: "Children and mobile phone use: Is there a health risk? The case for extra precautions;" "What Americans Need to Know about Radiation (or EMR) from Wireless Communications;" and "A Possible Association Between Fetal/Neonatal Exposure to Radiofrequency Electromagnetic Radiation and the Increased Incidence of Autism Spectrum Disorders."

Provided by the non-profit Association for Comprehensive Neurotherapy, this compendium appears in their online edition of the Association's newsletter, Latitudes. Based in Royal Palm Beach, Florida, the Association is "a source of cutting-edge information that can help you reduce or avoid the need for prescription medications for these increasingly common problems (attention deficit disorder, anxiety, learning disorders, autism, depression). You can learn how to have a healthier brain and nervous system naturally;" 561-798-0472.

BioInitiative Report from the University of Albany, New York
"A Rationale for a Biologically-based Public Exposure Standard for Electromagnetic Fields (ELF and RF)"
Twenty scientists and researchers from around the world reviewed over 2,000 studies on EMFs. They found a link between EMFs, cancer and other health problems.
From their August 31, 2007 press release:
"An international working group of scientists, researchers and public health policy professionals (The BioInitiative Working Group) has released its report on electromagnetic fields (EMF) and health. They document serious scientific concerns about current limits regulating how much EMF is allowable from power lines, cell phones, and many other sources of EMF exposure in daily life.
"The report concludes the existing standards for public safety are inadequate to protect public health."
Edited by David Carpenter, Ph.D., Director of the Institute for Health and the Environment at the University at Albany of the State University of New York (SUNY) in Albany, New York and Cindy Sage of Sage Consulting in Santa Barbara, California.
To view the entire report, click here.

The International Commission for Electromagnetic Safety
From the website: "The International Commission for Electromagnetic Safety (ICEMS) is a non-profit organization that promotes research to protect public health from electromagnetic fields and develops the scientific basis and strategies for assessment, prevention, management and communication of risk, based on the precautionary principle."

EMR Network
"Our mission is to enhance local, regional, national, and international efforts to reduce, mitigate, and where possible, eliminate hazardous exposure to EMR." A valuable resource. Check out their useful links page; 866-213-1202, pin 7802.

MicroWave News
"A Report on Non-Ionizing Radiation." A rich compendium of updated articles on the effects of electro-magnetic and wireless exposure. One of the most comprehensive links pages on EMF issues. A valuable resource; 212-517-2800.
A compendium of recorded evidence from health experts and researchers on the health effects of exposure to EMFs, including wireless technologies. Includes the book, "Public Health SOS: The Shadow Side of the Wireless Revolution," by Camilla Reese and Magda Havas. This book is subtitled, "101 Questions on Electromagnetic Pollution from a Forum at the Commonwealth Club of California."

EMFacts Consultancy
Links to articles on the health effects of exposure to EMFs, compiled by Don Maisch.

The Swedish Association for the ElectroSensitive
Some of the most important EMF research comes from Sweden. Their government now recognizes Electro-Hypersensitivity (EHS) as a medical condition for which one can receive disability coverage. Up to 2% of their population is officially considered EHS.

Safe Living Technologies
Website for Robert Metzinger, providing information on the health hazards of Electro-Magnetic Hypersensitivity and Safety Protection Products for protection against Electro-magnetic Fields;

Dr. Joseph Mercola
Website for this health and prevention-oriented Chicago-based MD. Do a search on his website on the term "EMF".

Sal LaDuca, BBEI, EE
A Building Biologist and Electrical Engineer based in New Jersey.
Click on the link Electro-Magnetic Field issues near the bottom of his home page for a thorough review of the basics of electro-magnetic fields and research citations. Sal is on the board of the International Institute for Bau-biologie and Ecology.

Gust Consulting
Website for Larry Gust, BBEI, EE, Building Biologist and Electrical Engineer in San Diego.
Click on Cell Phones under "Articles" for his review of research on the dangers of cell phones. Larry is on the faculty and on the board of the International Institute for Bau-biologie and Ecology.

Sage EMF Design, Environmental Consultants
Website for Cindy Sage, EMF consultant in Santa Barbara, California.
Cindy has published numerous articles and has spoken at many hearings on the issue of EMFs and health, including their impact on public policy. Her company has provided expert advice on electro-magnetic and radio frequency radiation detection and mitigation for residential, commercial and governmental clients since 1982; (805) 969-0557.
Cindy's website includes information on the link between EMF exposure and cancer, particularly breast cancer. See her page on Environmental Monitoring Services for this reference.

EMF Interface
Website for Jim Beale, retired aerospace engineer and expert on the biological effects of electromagnetic fields, living in Central Texas.
Jim has numerous studies and information on his website documenting the adverse effects of EMFs. He is on the board of the International Institute for Bau-biologie and Ecology.

Energy-Enhancing System Consultants (Vastu, Feng Shui, Pyramid Power)

Website for Swami Veetrang Ananda, Bloomington, Minnesota, expert on the application of pyramid rectification for vastu and feng shui defects in the home and work place. Swami provides consultations and seminars. Based upon the work of India's Dr. Jiten Bhatt, who applies the "age old Pyramid science from Egypt to help in establishing external balance. Pyramid Yantra is a wonderful mechanism and proven science to create love, harmony, and prosperity in one's life." Product line is available on the Pyrahealth website by clicking here;

Pest Control (All-Natural)

Biocontrol Network
A resource for products and information for management of all types of pests.

"The Best Control: Intelligent Pest Management" by Steve Tvedten
A guide to natural alternatives to pesticides. Also available from

Renewable Energy and Conservation

Mid-West Renewable Energy Association
A non-profit organization based in Custer, Wisconsin, The Midwest Renewable Energy Association is a nonprofit network for sharing ideas, resources, and information with individuals, businesses, and communities to promote a sustainable future through renewable energy and energy efficiency.

Renewable Energy Technologies Financial Model

Energy Star Program

Home Energy Saver
The First Web-Based Energy Audit Tool.

Earth Policy Institute Eco-Economy Updates
Includes Eco-Economy Updates.

Florida Solar Energy Center
One of the most comprehensive resources on practical applications of solar energy.

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