Find a Building BiologistTM

Certified Building Biologists provide healthy home and office evaluations throughout the USA and Canada. Building Biologists are also located in Europe, Australia and New Zealand.

To locate a Certified Building Biologist near you in North America, go to the website for the International Institute of Bau-biologieTM and Ecology (IBE) and click on the "A Building Biologist near you" link on the right hand side of their home page. When on that new page, click on the words "Environmental consultants" under the image on the left.

That will take you to a page with a list of building biologists in North America who are members of the Institute. Locate a building biologist in your state by clicking on the words "State/Nation" at the top of the right hand column of the table, which rearranges the list of names by state or province, instead of alphabetically by last name. When you click on the link for each name, you will find contact information for each building biologist, including a link to their website.

There are other building biologists in the US and Canada who are not on this list. They are not members of the IBE at present, but they do work with clients.

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