Comments from Readers of
Breathing Walls Manual

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This page last updated December 3, 2010.


"You've been an inspiration and I continue to give people your website so they can find out more about what you do and have to offer. I'm hoping they will want to buy your manual and incorporate more healthy ideas into their projects..."

-- j.b., Defiance, Ohio


"I am so appreciative of the design you advised for the wall structure of my home, and of your easy availability. All the products you specified have been safe for me.

"Having spent a lot of time studying moisture control for wall structure I found that there was no agreement on the subject even among many whose work I respected. I think that the problem is that an appropriate breathing wall cannot be designed with current standard building practices. I was so fortunate to find you devoting yourself to the breathability of houses with a chemical sensitivity focus. I begin to move in to my home in about 10 days. Thanks again, and also to your partner George Swanson."

-- a.b., Rushford, Minnesota


"Love the book, especially the last page where you promote other BB's (Building Biologist's) books. We all need to promote each other and IBE (Institute for Bau-biologie and Ecology)."

-- j.m., Saxonburg, Pennsylvania


"I read the book immediately upon receipt. Finally, something that makes sense! I was introduced to George Swanson by a local person, who is involved with the production of air entrained concrete products in this area (NW Arkansas). I hope to work with him on at least one of the three projects I have planned or currently have in progress."

-- m.d., Eureka Springs, Arkansas


"I have read most of the book 'Breathing Walls,' and have found it most interesting. This is not my field yet I found it most interesting and understandable. Obviously it will be of enormous help to builders and architects as they seek to build environmentally healthy homes."

-- a.m., North Fort Myers, Florida


"After reading parts of your book, it was clear that George has some unique insights and experiences...This breathing system for walls, floors, and ceiling that you so clearly outlined in your book is affordable and doable now!"

-- j.h., Fairfield, Iowa


"A thorough look at building envelope construction. Clearly sets out the weaknesses of the current 'tight building' approach, and makes some thoughtful recommendations for change."

-- c.b., Fairfield, Iowa


"It's a neat book and I'm sure I'll use some of its ideas...P.S. Thanks also to George!"

-- j.g., Greensboro, North Carolina


"I expect to give 'Breathing Walls' some serious use..."

-- t.w., Mountainair, New Mexico


Comments from Readers of the First Edition
of our New Building Manual

"What a good work this is. Now I'm so determined to build a healthy home! Can't wait to tell builders in the area."

-- k.m., Houston


"Wonderful job of pulling together Bau-Biology information. A very practical and concise reference to get the job done!"

-- j.h., Sarasota, Florida


"A most impressive job!! The prospects are most exciting."

--l.g., San Marcos, California


"Thank you for the fine work which will benefit so many. "

--e.l., Austin, Texas

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