Comments from Clients of Healthy
New Building and Remodel Projects


This page last updated November 30, 2010.


"I just want to thank you again for being one of the most straight up, easy to work with, honest and helpful people we've dealt with to date through all this. It's refreshing and I'll be sure to continue to recommend you to others."

-- j.s., Boulder, Colorado


"Again, I thank you for all your information that I used to build a much healthier home!"

-- p.b., Baldwin City, Kansas


"I am so appreciative of the design you advised for the wall structure of my home, and of your easy availability. All the products you specified have been safe for me.

"Having spent a lot of time studying moisture control for wall structure I found that there was no agreement on the subject even among many whose work I respected. I think that the problem is that an appropriate breathing wall cannot be designed with current standard building practices. I was so fortunate to find you devoting yourself to the breathability of houses with a chemical sensitivity focus. I begin to move in to my home in about 10 days. Thanks again, and also to your partner George Swanson.

"The information on electromagnetic stress was also very helpful. Although I could not afford to do everything you mentioned, I did get a shut off for all electricity to my bedroom which I find very reassuring."

-- a.b., Rushford, Minnesota


"Thank you for your thorough report...Thank you for your valuable knowledge and information...After talking to you, I felt like I'm a boat and found a lighthouse guiding me to the land. Thank you very much."

-- s.c., San Marino, California


"My Environmental Doctor referred me to Oram as an EMF resource. I was very pleased with his knowledge and suggestions for my current home. I implemented his suggestions and noticed an immediate improvement in my sleeping and well being.

"I was happily surprised to learn Oram was also a great resource for environmental building. As I was in the process of building a new home I had many questions and found Oram knowledgeable and responsive to my particular needs as someone with Environmental Illness & Multiple Chemical Sensitivities. He was able to speak directly with electrical contractors for EMF requirements and offered many helpful suggestions on a variety of environmental issues. I am slowly transitioning to my new home and feel the ideas I received from Oram will help to make it a safe environment for me."

-- s.e., Richmond, Virginia


"Thank you!"

-- d.t., Menlo Park, California


"You know your stuff so deeply and share it so generously... Will you be presenting the info you learned in Tennessee? (Note from Oram: I did present at the annual building biololgy confernece that April 2008 in Nashville.) It is such important stuff and I would love to learn more, to be able to spread it and disseminate it, so people would understand all the dangers and they could use your services to help them establish a healthier environment..."

-- t.z., Stillwater, Minnesota


"It was great to talk to you this afternoon. I appreciate you sharing your vast knowledge and look forward to putting your advice into practice and to continuing the conversation."

-- i.g., Belmont, Massachusetts


"Thank you again. It was a pleasure to meet you, and I learned a lot!"

-- l.g., Minneapolis, Minnesota


"Thank you for your time and advice."

-- j.w., Anderson, South Carolina


"Your thoughts about the Durisol being a part of the package to save energy is ours exactly and we will re-emphasize this to Select Energy."

-- g.d., New Haven, Connecticut


"Hi! That is so kind of you to respond, and in such detail. Thank you. I am so very appreciative and much more reassured by your responses. Since the transformer is in the far corner, we will keep far from it (more than 10 feet to be sure!). And, we will check with our Swiss architects and various home developers about the points you mention below. I am not at all educated on what the Swiss code will allow or how they compare to the US. It should be a very interesting process. I would be happy to update you as to what they allow as we get into the details of building."

-- h.r., Switzerland


"Please feel free to use any information that you want in regard to our experience in building a healthy home... Getting the word out to as many people as possible is so important. I'll pass along other things as we go along...

"There has been a lot of interest in our house and I'm still going to do tours of the house to those interested in the concept and talks to local entities regarding what we have done and answer any questions that I can... Our house is generating a lot of attention, with people driving by, asking questions, wanting to know if they can see it when it's done, and the newspapers wanting to do a story on the house.

"You've been an inspiration and I continue to give people your website so they can find out more about what you do and have to offer. I'm hoping they will want to buy your manual and incorporate more healthy ideas into their projects... Your help in the past has been a blessing and truly appreciated. I wanted to update you on our progress and to tell you how grateful we are to have met you."

-- j.b., Defiance, Ohio

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