Comments from Clients


This page last updated July 15, 2016.

"Having Oram Miller come to my home for a screening was extremely worth every minute! First, his quick education and presentation on the types of EMFs was very informative. I did not know about the different types and their possible impacts to health.

"Secondly, his screening of the rooms and feedback was very thorough and reassuring. I learned a few quick fixes on safety and reducing exposure to EMFs.

"This is a topic everyone should know about and I truly believe that in time the world will understand the impact some of these exposures have on health.

"I recommend Oram to everyone I know. It is reassuring to get your home screened and to know where you may need a simple fix or change. Thank you ORAM!"

-- g.t., Newport Beach, California


"Hi Oram, First, I am sleeping like a log. Really deep sleep I haven’t experienced in a long time! Thank you for that!..."

-- a.b., Marina Del Rey, California


"I am 100% healed of my chronic fatigue and its definitely related to what you did about my breaker box and your advice.

"It's been about three to four months since you came to my house. It was about three weeks after turning off the breakers before feeling normal again.

"It's been ten years since I've felt normal and I had drive. I was always so tired and exhausted and had nothing in me every single day. It's been years of it.

"Just the simple thing of turning off the breakers at night takes it away. Whenever my husband forgets to turn off the breakers, I immediately wake up in the morning exhausted with no drive. It’s such a direct issue.

“This was the last piece of the puzzle. I've done so many things over the years but never fully felt myself. And this did it.

"I'm so appreciative of you. Keep it up. I'm so grateful. You're really changing people's lives. It’s absolutely amazing. I wanted to make sure you knew how you've impacted my life."

-- r.c., Compton, California


"Thank you for your home consultation several weeks ago. We've turned off the power switch while we sleep at night. I felt I'm sleeping better, less vivid dreams as before, feeling more peace and calm in sleep."

-- j.z., Fullerton, California


"You are a shining example of the positive side of humanity vs the dark side which today appears to permeate the leadership of the entire western world. Thank you for all you do!"

-- l.a., Chicago, Illinois


"I'm writing to you to say that I thought your YouTube clip "How to use the Cornet ED78s Scanning Meter" was so well done! Very clear, clean, precise and understandable. You have a nice mood about your presentation. I'm a musician who suffers from EHS and have realised this since I was 16/17 years old, I'm now 40... Thanks to your excellent clip!"

-- a.c., Gothenburg, Sweden


"I truly appreciate all the information that you put out. I think your videos and website were the best at taming the confusion I was having as I started wading into all of this. And all this has made me realize I have to get a better grasp on everything.

"Tremendous gratitude to you..."

-- s.k., Oregon


"Thank you so much for all this help. It has been such an eye opening learning experience and you have been a gem at helping me. I have loved working with you. Thank you for your patience in this too. I was a bit nervous and stressed about doing it with all that is going on in my life. So double thanks. I'm sure I'll have questions down the road. So we'll connect again down the road."

-- l.j., Utah (telephone consultation)


"...We really appreciate your services and time you spent with us analyzing our home on Saturday. It was a real eye opener and a lot of information to take in and process. It will take time to implement everything but we've made a good start."

-- v.b., Yorba Linda, California


"I can't thank you enough! It was a real pleasure finally meeting you. Really enjoyed getting to know you better and share your electrical passion :) ..."

"Just wanted to report that I am sleeping much better without the fields in our room. Really can feel it if it's on or off. Very strange this new sensitivity."

-- c.h., Altadena, California


"Thank you!... I'm feeling consistently stronger from your work on my house. Please be sure to give my telephone number as a five star referral.

"Enjoy your weekend."

-- j.c., Sherman Oaks, California


"Hi Oram,... Many thanks to you for your phone education and very informative web site... Much appreciation for all you do to heal this world one person at a time on a cellular level!


-- k.m., Marietta, Georgia (telephone consultation)


"Hi, Oram... We were so impressed by your professionalism, courtesy, and attention to detail when you inspected our home that we wanted to check in with you first even though this inquiry may not be within your direct area of focus.

"All the best,"

-- a.m., Pacific Palisades, California


"...Thank you, J.

"PS I'm sleeping better!"

(And in a follow-up email) "My house feels alot better since your work on it."

-- j.d., San Pedro, California


"Wow. Your website is amazing. I'd never explored it or paid much attention to all that's there. Thank you for your amazing knowledge."

-- s.p., Alta Dena, California


"Hello Oram. Just a note to thank you for the invaluable information on your extensive website. You have provided a tremendous service to mankind and I (for one) am most grateful.

"I wish you all the very best ~"

-- e.d.


"Thanks again for your help... It answered a lot of questions and I don't feel so hopeless about our situation anymore. We have some goals now... Thanks again. I am very happy with your work and the report!!"

-- l.c., Madera, California (telephone consultation)


"Oram, Such a great day yesterday and I can't tell you how awesome it was to get a solid full night's sleep in my own bed! We moved the bed to the other wall, shut off the breaker, and !BLAMMO deep wonderful dreams and a thick rich sleep like sinking in raw honey. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!"


"Hi Oram, Another AMAZING night of sleep last night! Thanks again."

-- x., Huntington Beach, California


"Hi Oram, Thanks again for your help! M. is doing MUCH better now! Able to use the desktop and laptop comfortably and able to use her cell phone. Thank you and happy holidays!"

-- m. and k.m., Thousand Oaks, California


"Thank you, thank you, thank you for all the tedious electrical problem solving and continued education on the harmful effects of EMFs, Wi-Fi, cell phones, grounding issues and so much more at our house Monday and yesterday. I am so grateful that the EMF issues were able to be identified and solved. I slept like a baby last night thanks to you and your team.

"Your knowledge sharing, expertise, patience, professionalism and kindness are appreciated more than I can even articulate. You are such a blessing to the people you serve and for the work you are doing to makes homes safer. I feel honored to have met you.

"Thank you so much! I'm sure we'll talk again soon."

-- c.s., San Juan Capistrano, California


"Hi Oram,... You did a bunch of fantastic stuff on our house to help me. I am so thankful for the switch everyday and being able to work on this computer when I feel like it... Thank you for all your help! I recommend you to many people when I am online. I am looking forward to reading your homepage to see the updates on EMS across the world..."

-- c.m., Lake Forest, California


"Hey Oram, I want to thank you for your enlightening visit to our home the other day. With a couple of simple tweaks in my bedroom I noticed an improvement in my sleep already. Not the deepest sleep I can remember, but much better than the quality of sleep that I've been having for quite some time now... One-by-one I am making those changes that you recommended so that our home becomes a healthy home."

-- r.a., Eagle Rock, California


"Since the day my two-year-old daughter arrived from the hospital, every night she would wake up crying several times. This went on for two years and my wife and I were at our wits end. We tried doing everything... but to no avail. At the same time, my wife and I were always tired and didn't know why. We thought we were living a healthy lifestyle... But we couldn't figure out why we were always tired.

"Then, we contacted you and you did an inspection which revealed that we had extremely high EMF levels in our home. Immediately, we implemented your recommendations that night and saw instant results. For the first time since she was born, my daughter slept through the night!... And many months later, we're still amazed because she still sleeps soundly at night. Plus, her mood during the day has dramatically improved. Also, my wife and I now wake up in the morning feeling refreshed.

"Oram, we can't thank you enough for all that you've done. You have made us proponents of Bau-Biologie and acutely aware of the hazards related to EMF pollution."

-- s.s., Rancho Palos Verdes, California


"Thank you so much for your time on Friday - it was very useful, we have started implementing your recommendations already. And it was very interesting to listen to you."

-- o. and g.b., Redondo Beach, California


"Thank you, thank you, thank you! I have slept better than I can remember in years with the power off! Much appreciated!"

-- j.j., La Jolla, California


"I'm sleeping a lot deeper and a lot longer into the morning now. I'm sleeping more hours. Also, I'm having more dreams. If I wake up, I can get back to sleep and I sleep for hours. Now I sleep at least 8-9 hours, where before I slept 5-6 hours. I'm loving it!"

-- d.r., Simi Valley, California


"Thank you so much for measuring our home and helping us understand how I was being so hurt by my computer."

-- e.p., Irvine, California


"You are a wonderful person Oram. We plan on recommending you whenever we can! Thank you soooo very much! Sleeping like champs..."

-- s.s., Escondido, California


"Turning the breakers off really made a difference. I definitely slept better."

-- d.a., Newport Beach, California


"We slept sooooooo good. We shut off all necessary (marked) breakers. Just like you said, it felt like we were camping. Because of my heightened sensitivity, I really felt it. I cannot wait to go to sleep tonight. Now that I can sleep deeper, it's so great. My body's feeling like it's doing catch up... Thank you for all of your great work."

-- d.b., Long Beach, California


"Yesterday was a special day for our family because the health of my daughter is more important to me than one can imagine. You're help was greatly appreicated. I was impressed by how knowledgable you were. You were resourceful and very helpful. Thanks for all you did."

-- j.h, Mission Viejo, California


"You were here in Glendora this summer with the electrician. I can't thank you enough for all that you did for me. You are truly a professional.

"I'm sleeping very well and waking so refreshed with the circuit off in the bedroom. I no longer wake up 2-3 times a night... What a difference a good night's sleep makes! Had the opportunity to listen to you on the radio show w/ Dr. Liebowitz the other night, and it was excellent!

"With much appreciation and gratitude, I thank you once again."

-- e.r., Glendora, California


"I'm sleeping better. I used to wake up 5-7 times a night. Now I wake up maybe once, and sometimes not at all. That's huge.

"My kids are sleeping so much better. They're not near as agitated. There's an observable difference in their behavior. They don't argue as much and when they do, it doesn't escalate. That's worth it's weight in gold.

"My husband's sleeping better, too. Seems to be a big difference." -- n.j., mother

"I've actually slept great. I've been waking up and I'm not grouchy. When I get up I feel like I've been up for an hour. I'm more awake." -- b.j., age 12

"I've been sleeping without hearing the cars outside (lives near a busy road). I sleep more soundly. I feel more awake and in a better mood." -- s.j., age 9

-- n.j., b.j., and s.j., Santa Ana, California


"I cannot be more thankful or express my gratitude enough for Oram's expertise and thoroughness in helping my family and me in dealing with the negative effects of electrosmog in my home.

"We moved into our new home in Aug. 2009. Consistently I woke up every morning between 3:00 and 4:30 for no apparent reason. My wife and I thought maybe my hormones were changing so we did all we could nutritionally...

"I heard Oram's lecture in February 2010. Oram came into our home the following week for a consultation on potential electrosmog issues. We took his advice and followed his recommendations.

"I cannot express enough to those reading this on how making the little changes from Oram's recommendations have changed my life!! My wife and I have not slept this soundly since we moved in!! Not only do I sleep undisturbed until 6:30 or 7 AM without interruption, but we no longer need our little white noise machine to block out background noise (we have used white noise to help us sleep for 15 years).

"Rejuvenating rest is one of the most important foundations of wellness. I know my sleep and my family's sleep has been enhanced. Oram's consultations will always be a part of any home we purchase in the future."

-- j.r., North Tustin, California


"Thank you, again, for all you did to get our home pointed in a healthy direction! Sam's and my health began to improve right after we started turning off the power at night after your visit, and we're careful to minimize wireless exposures as much as we can. We notice a difference when we don't, especially if we stay overnight with friends who have wireless internet!"

And: "Thank you, Oram! You and Damon ( Coyne, building biologist in St. Paul, Minnesota) are taking terrific care of us, and we really appreciate it."

-- l.w., Northfield, Minnesota (former Minnesota client speaking after recent telephone consultation)


"Great day today Oram! Thanks so much for your wisdom and experience. I have already started implementing your suggestions and will be doing more each day.

"Thanks again for a great's helpful to know what can/can't be done."

-- j.l., Seal Beach, California


"Oram, It was so wonderful to learn from you...I walk around Santa Monica now and in our home with more awareness of what we are all being exposed to and am thinking through the new choices I want to make and working to establish new habits."

-- k.o., Santa Monica, California


"I just want to thank you again for being one of the most straight up, easy to work with, honest and helpful people we've dealt with to date through all this. It's refreshing and I'll be sure to continue to recommend you to others."

-- j.s., Boulder, Colorado (telephone new home consultation)


"You have already been a tremendous help. I'm so grateful for your brilliant comprehension of and experience with these issues. Thank you for making yourself available to help." (and)

"I'm so grateful to be able to get your help on these matters as I know that you have an extraordinary proficiency. I already am more peaceful and hopeful that I can successfully address my health issues and get my life back on track. Thank you for doing this kind of work, and for making yourself available long distance and for an adjusted rate..."

-- s.k., Overland Park, Kansas (telephone consultation)


"Thanks for this (condo evaluation report), Oram. I'll be in touch about future needs for your great work!"

-- t.g., West Los Angeles, California


"Thank you for all of your help and all you are doing for our planet/home."

-- e.c., New Orleans, Louisiana (telephone consultation)


"Thanks, Oram! You answered my question perfectly...
"Your web site is a wonderful resource. Thanks so much for all of the effort that you've put into making it happen."

-- l.g., Northern California (telephone and email exchange)


"Thank you. You have made the three types of (EMF) fields very clear in this message and I have learned a great deal more this time around. Thank you for your great clarity, attention to detail and patience."

-- m.b.c., Omaha, Nebraska (telephone consultation and email exchange)


"Thank you for your time, thoughtfulness and expertise."

-- j.f., Thousand Oaks, California


"Thank you Mr. Miller for your visit to my home today to learn how to minimize our electrical/wireless pollution! I appreciate your time. I am excited to implement what you have told me."

-- j.m., Torrance, California


"Once again, thank you for your professional service in helping us to be informed about the dangerous effects of EMFs and what we can do to safeguard ourselves. I appreciate all your efforts to keep us informed. You are doing a much needed service."

-- t.b., Carrollton, Texas (telephone consultation)


"You allayed all my fears. You 'smartened' me up and told me what is a little problem and what is a big problem (with my EMFs). Thank you."

-- j.v., Alhambra, California


"Hello Mr Miller. Wow, I cannot thank you enough for opening my eyes. Thank you so very much for your extremely informative website. We live in a rural area and I find myself extremely concerned about the wireless antennae atop our roof... I appreciate so very much your expertise and having someone to ask... Thank you again so very much."

-- (comment from a reader of Oram's website)


"Dear Mr. Miller, Hope this note finds you well. Ever since our initial phone consult over a year ago, your advice has always been very helpful for making our living space a healthier one."

-- r.r., Passaic, New Jersey (telephone consultation)


"Thank you, Mr.Miller, for your help! I hope to keep in touch. Your openness and generosity really make you stand out."

And: "I so appreciate the important information that you have made available to me through your website and through our conversation. Your open and friendly nature in combination with your expertise make you a wonderful guide through the complexities of creating a healthier home."

-- r.r., Passaic, New Jersey (telephone consultation)


"Thank you so VERY much for taking the time to send this helpful input. Our family is so amazed at the things you do for us! We wish you good blessings out there in LA.

"Thank you again. Time is so valuable. I appreciate that you have shared a bit of yours with us in this very important matter. Take care! Sincerely,"

-- c.d., Prescott, Wisconsin (email exchange with existing client)


"Hi Oram, I really enjoyed our meeting yesterday and your explanation of the 2 energy fields. You are a wealth of knowledge on this subject and I am happy to know you.

"Thanks for helping me get the emfs out of my head during sleeping..."

-- s.k, Malibu, California


"Hi Oram, Thank you so much for your thoughtful reply! I greatly appreciate the additional information in your email message and your encouragement and positive outlook. This is what people need to hear...
"I have found your website much easier to read and learn from than any other website covering smart meters that I have run across! I agree with you that the health issues are most important."

-- c.o., Ann Arbor, Michigan (email exchange)


"Thanks a ton, Oram. It was very helpful."

-- r.t., Seattle, Washington (telephone consultation)


"Thank you, Mr. Miller, for helping me think through how to proceed through the maze of options ahead for selecting a place to move."

-- e.h., Milwaukee, Wisconsin (telephone consultation)


"I would recommend contacting Oram Miller. I have worked with him and attended one of his lectures and find him very qualified and diplomatic in his work.

"He is also extremely fair in his pricing. He works on a sliding scale depending on what can be afforded by his client... He looks at the big picture of each client in order to keep costs down to a minimum and he does not work just for the money, and he has many years of experience."

-- c.l., Irvine, California


"Once again, thank you for your professional service in helping us to be informed about the dangerous effects of EMFs and what we can do to safeguard ourselves. I appreciate all your efforts to keep us informed. You are doing a much needed service."

-- t.b., Carrollton, Texas (telephone consultation)


"I just had to express my heartfelt 'thank you' for taking away my weeks of anxiety and failed searches to find anyone to help me help my mom. I realize I didn't find just 'anyone,' but rather the best in your field!!" (Oram's response: *Blush!*)

And: "Thank you for speaking with me over the phone today. I cannot begin to tell you what relief I feel to know I have a true, confident, and kind professional to work with. It never ceases to amaze me how much power we have (or, are given by God) to lighten another person's burdens... and you have done that very thing!"

-- l.s., Ramsey, Minnesota (telephone consultation)


"At first, I didn't notice any difference (turning off the breakers). Then as an experiment I kept the breakers back on for three nights and sleep was worse, with awakening every two to three hours. Then I shut the breakers off again and had two really good nights with five hours straight sleep.

"It feels so good to know what was wrong and to fix it. You have a wonderful gift to offer me and others like me. Thank You."

-- d.b., Hutchinson, Minnesota


"This past summer, ...I began waking up every two hours, startled, feeling as if I was on a centrifugal force ride at the state fair that had just stopped...Then one fortuitous day, I read an article by Oram in an interior designer's newsletter. It was off to the races for me. I spent hours reading articles on Oram's website. My husband was skeptical...

"After removing the cordless phone from my nightstand and turning off the breakers to our bedroom at night, I started sleeping better. That was enough to convince him to agree to proceed with the inspection, although with reservations.

"Oram came to our house and explained the science behind what we were experiencing. He then demonstrated the various kinds of interference in our house. We made a few simple modifications.

"Last night, I slept for seven hours straight with no sleep supplements! I felt rested when I woke up. I felt ready to be awake instead of being awake because I couldn't sleep anymore. When I got out of bed, I was able to walk without my feet hurting. WOW!

"I have had difficulty sleeping for at least 15 years. I moved into my current home about two and a half years ago. I now have insight on why I couldn't sleep through the night in this home or in a few previous homes.

"Thank you Oram, for delving into what causes most to turn away. Your intelligence and commitment have given me answers to questions that have confounded me for years. Again, thank you so much for your kind assistance. I'm looking forward to feeling better and better!"

-- m.m., Bloomington, Minnesota


"I slept more deeply since turning off the breakers. I felt more calm. I was relaxed. I'm confident that things will improve."

-- s.a., St.Paul, Minnesota


"We finally had our kill switch installed last night. We used it for the first time. Somewhere around 5 am I woke up thinking how very quiet the house was, as if the silent buzz that was normally there was gone, if that makes sense. I also recall... being aware of my heart beat. Does any of this sound familiar when the electricity is stopped?"

-- c.k., Omaha, Nebraska


"I so appreciate your help."

-- m.b., Frontenac, Minnesota


"I wanted to write to you to tell you that I am doing MUCH better. I am making big improvements in my health now that I can sleep better than I have in about 15 years! My legs do not get tingly when using my computer all day either. I used to get so tense while at my computer - after seeing the readings on the voltmeter - now I know why!"

-- b.s., North Oaks, Minnesota


"I am SO pleased at the difference I feel in my house, and especially the kitchen. My home is now so QUIET. I love it."

-- p.l., New Brighton, Minnesota


"We are MUCH healthier and happier."

-- j.j., St. Paul, Minnesota


"We are doing splendidly in our house. Total thanks to you for all your help to me in the past few months and especially with our present house. I have learned so much from you."

-- m.c., Taos, New Mexico (telephone consultation)


"Since you evaluated my house for EMFs, I have slept so soundly! I wake up refreshed every morning now, and have even slept through an entire night twice during the last three weeks.

"That's rather remarkable for me!"

-- j.s., Maple Grove, Minnesota


"I can put together six hours of sleep for the first time in years. Before you came I was waking up a good three times a night, sometimes more. I'd sleep a couple of hours, three at most, and then I'm up.

"This is definitely different, a marked improvement."

-- s.b., Cottage Grove, Minnesota


"A friend of mine recommended you to me and I have to say that I am impressed. After instituting your suggestions I have noticed improved sleep for both myself and my wife."

-- s.s., Minneapolis, Minnesota


"We first met Oram at a presentation he was doing. At the time we were very sluggish most of the time and just didn't have the energy that people who eat well and do everything possible to take care of themselves should have. I had even spent several years prior to this doing various detox cleanses, and although there was some substantial improvement, I was certain that there must be something that we didn't know about yet. Who would've ever guessed that it was our electricity!!

"Oram came out right away and helped us re-direct the currents in our home, as well as gave us other tips on things we could do to make our living environment more conducive to good health. It took a few months to make the changes. We had to move at a slow, steady pace so that my body could re-acclimate to an appropriate environment from the severely distorted one we had been living in for so long.

"Our energy level is much stronger than what it was, we are sleeping better/deeper, and overall mental clarity is noticeable amongst other things. This was truly the next piece of the puzzle for us and we are so grateful to Oram for his dedication to his clients, and his life's work. He has been there for us, especially in those early days when we had lots of questions. I can't recommend this enough!!!"

-- c. d., Prescott, Wisconsin


"Thanks for all the feedback. I enjoyed talking with you the other day and learned a lot from our consultation. It's so nice having someone to consult with who knows about these things. Thanks for your help!"

-- s.y., Lake Tahoe, Nevada (telephone consultation)


"I'm noticing positive changes the past couple of days since you did the electrical evaluation. It's a huge change."

-- k.h., Eau Claire, Wisconsin


"I'm more rested. It's a much deeper sleep. You can tell what it does in your sleep because of what it does for you when you are awake. My husband was skeptical, but now he goes and turns off the circuits at night. He says, 'I sleep a hundred times deeper.'"

-- g.c., Eagan, Minnesota


"For the longest time, I had been waking up with a slight 'heaviness' in my head, almost like a mild hangover. It didn't affect my clarity of thinking but it was very annoying. Turns out it was a sensitivity to EMF (electromagnetic frequencies).

"Oram Miller came over to do a 4-5 hour assessment. He was very thorough. We ended up moving our bed from one bedroom to the other and shutting off two rooms in the fusebox every night.

"Man, what a difference that made! You know what it's like waking up after camping outdoors-your head is clear and you feel refreshed? That's what it feels like now to wake up every morning. It's like night and day!

"I highly recommend Oram. He's very passionate about his work and very caring, too."

-- p.b., Blaine, Minnesota


"Thank you for coming and for all the info. We have been turning off all those switches at nite (that you identified) and have been sleeping quite well."

-- l.m., Wyoming, Minnesota


"Just wanted to let you know I have already experienced a difference with my sleeping. I am waking up 'naturally' about an hour earlier than normal, which is terrific for me because I am used to missing the alarm and sleeping in! I also have more energy, as I am now exercising as soon as I wake up. Very cool stuff!"

-- p.k., Minneapolis, Minnesota


"Thank you again for your excellent work this weekend! I am so excited to refer you to my clients and friends."

-- j.p.l., Minnetonka, Minnesota


"Thank you so much for your helpful consultation on making our home a healtier place. Your kind and patient answers were very much appreciated."

-- t. & b. b., Carrollton, Texas (telephone consultation)


"We are relieved to get the news that our mold situation here is not in the danger zone. We are planning to proceed as we discussed with the painting and other outside steps to further reduce moisture in our basement. Again, thanks so much for your assistance to us. Much appreciated."

-- e.n., Arden Hills, Minnesota


"Since you have done an electro-magnetic audit of my home, my husband and I -- and the dogs -- are sleeping much better. Thank you very much!"

-- d.l., St. Louis Park, Minnesota


"During your multiple visits with our graduate (architectural) studio this spring I became fascinated with your work. Environmental Design and Inspection Services enriches the quality of spaces people live, work and play in. From your experience my project gained depth in material use and construction. Thank you so much for all of the time you devoted to educating and enlightening our studio class."

-- b.p., Stillwater, Minnesota (Second Year Student at the College of Architecture and Landscape Architecture, University of Minnesota)


"You do good work."

-- c.h., Minneapolis, Minnesota


"I just want to say THANKS for coming to our home so quickly and an even bigger THANKS for helping us get to the root of what was making me sick. Yes, I miss my plugins but don't miss the headaches & feeling icky. I can live with unscented candles!!!

"The biggest difference has been in turning off the power in the bedroom at night! I felt it the very next morning after you were here! It is nice to wake up with energy and a relatively clear head again! My husband even admits he sleeps better and feels better in the morning!!!!"

-- s.s., Hutchinson, Minnesota


"Thanks for coming to my house and doing the evaluation. It was very interesting and helpful to see more hands on what you do. It was also a relief to learn about some manageable remedies I can make to my home."

-- k.b., Minneapolis, Minnesota


"I do want to let you know that we LOVE sleeping with the electricity off and the magnetic fields gone. The first 3 nights my husband slept 10 hours, and now wakes up more refreshed than ever.

"For me, I am needing less sleep and am sleeping far more soundly, and I feel wonderful when I wake up in the more dragging myself out of bed to the coffee pot to get going!!!!

"Thanks you so much for all the work you did on our house. We truly appreciate it, and love it even more now."

-- c.r., Shueyville, Iowa


"I cannot believe how long I can sleep. It used to be only 3 to 4 hours a night, but now I can sleep sometimes 8 to 9 hours without waking up, and I never sleep less than 7 hours. Just wonderful sleep...

"The work you have done has helped me the most... My fibromyalgia is better."

-- e.e., Lees Summit, Missouri


"Thank you for your very generous service."

-- a.a., Saint Paul, Minnesota


"Thanks a ton! And your electrical adjustments have already helped me in my sleeping. I'm turning off the 4 circuits at night as you suggested. I'm not so irritable anymore.

"So I thank you for your help, plus it was fun."

-- j.f., Minneapolis, Minnesota


"Since making the modifications to my home after Oram's evaluation, I am sleeping more soundly and awakening much more refreshed each morning. My headaches are gone, my allergies are not as severe, and I have more daytime energy... a bounce in my step.

"Had Oram not discovered the natural gas leak, I may not have been here to write this!"

-- m.k., Overland Park, Kansas


"I'd like to thank you for your huge gift of time and expertise the other day! (We talked about minimizing cell phone radiation.)... Mostly, thank you for wonderful information!...

"I am looking forward to taking better care of myself and plan to pass on the fruits of your research to anyone who will listen... All the best to you."

-- v.g., Cleveland, Ohio (telephone consultation)


"I, personally, have more energy since we're lowering the fields at night."

-- d.m., Minneapolis, Minnesota


"Yes, I feel I'm noticing benefits already."

-- p.k., Eau Claire, Wisconsin


"Thank you so much for teaching us about environmental concerns in our home. We appreciate all the time you spent with us. We will continue to take steps in making our home not only pleasurable but healthy and environmentally friendly as well."

-- v. & p. r., Moline, Illinois


"First, a long overdue thank you for coming to Lincoln.... My husband and I enjoyed meeting you, and we appreciate your expertise and the care you have for your clients....

"The major difference I notice overall is that my morning headaches are not as intense."

-- r.z., Lincoln, Nebraska

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