Building BiologyTM Evaluation Guidelines

The building biologyTM profession has developed a set of standards to provide exposure guidelines for the general public that are as low as possible. Nature is our guideline. This is particularly applicable to those individuals who are electrically hypersensitive (EHS) and/or sensitive to petroleum-based chemicals in their living and work environment.

Those of us in the building biologyTM profession rely on these guidelines everyday to assist us in our environmental home and office evaluations to help sensitive clients and their families to create a safer living and work environment. The guidelines follow below.

Note: This is an updated set of guidelines, published in late 2015 by the Institute of Building Biology + Sustainablility, or IBN (Institut fur Baubiologie + Nachhaltigkeit) in Germany. You can access the direct link to the guidelines from their website by clicking here.

To view the updated set of Building BiologyTM Evaluation Guidelines for a safer indoor EMF environment, click HERE.

This page last updated September 7, 2016.

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