Articles on Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs)


The following links bring you to Articles on EMFs written by Oram Miller, BBEC. They discuss the four types of EMFs that the building biology profession recognizes. These four types of EMFs are:

1. 60 Hz AC Magnetic Fields from house wiring, current on the grounding system, and overhead power lines. You can view this article by clicking here.

2. 60 Hz AC Electric Field EMFs from house wires, which affect us primarily when we sleep. To view two articles on electric fields, click on the third and fourth articles below.

3. Radio Frequency EMFs from wireless devices (cell phones, Wi-Fi, tablets, cordless telephones, and smart meters). To view an article on this type of EMF, including a discussion of the wide discrepancy of safe limits between our country's governmental regulatory agencies and those of countries around the world, click here.

4. Harmonic frequencies of "Dirty Electricity" from dimmer switches, compact fluorescent lamps, variable speed motors, and other sources. To view an article on this type of EMF, click here.

New: Here is a video of Oram with an introduction to EMFs, recorded on August 6, 2014:

To view information and links on how to select and purchase EMF meters and instruments so that you can take your own EMF measurements of these four types of EMFs, click here. In particular, you will find the following:

  • A link to download a parts list for equipment needed to measure AC electric fields
  • A link to download a protocol on how to take your own electric field measurements
  • Recommended meters and instruments to measure AC magnetic fields
  • Recommended meters to measure radio frequencies from wireless devices such as cell phones, cordless telephones, Wi-Fi enabled routers, and smart meters
  • How to measure so-called "dirty electricity"

To print out a handout on how to rewire lamps and other appliances with a shielded, grounded cord so that you can eliminate day and evening time electric field exposure, click here. Order the shielded cord mentioned in the handout and take it and your lamp to a local small appliance repair shop. I mention one such a shop located in Santa Monica in the handout for those in the Los Angeles area.

Oram has also written articles on EMFs as part of a series for fellow building biologists Ron & Lisa Beres, based in Irvine, California for their blog, Healthy Home Dream Team.

Eight articles have appeared in the series so far. Four articles appeared on their blog in 2010. The remainder have appeared every few months since September 2012.

The first article, entitled, "What's All the Static About? Cell Phones and Radiation,", appeared June 23, 2010. It discusses the hidden dangers of wireless communications: cell phones, cordless telephones and WiFi.
To view the article, click here.

The second article, entitled, "Cell Phones, Cordless Phones and Wi-Fi: How to be Safely Connected in the Wireless Age,", appeared July 5, 2012. It discusses strategies to help protect you from harmful health effects while using cell phones, cordless telephones and WiFi.
To view the article, click here.

The third article, entitled, "Electric Fields, Melatonin from the Pineal Gland, and a Deep Night's Sleep: What's the Connection?", appeared September 2, 2010. It discusses one of the unknown causes of restless sleep, electric fields, and its connection to melatonin.
To view the article, click here.
NB: To help you understand the discussion on electric fields better, I urge you to view diagrams explaining electric and magnetic fields by clicking here and scrolling all the way down to see the pertinent diagrams. These were created by Spark Burmaster of Wisconsin, building biologist, electrical engineer and faculty for the International Institute for Bau-biologieTM and Ecology (IBE) in Clearwater, Florida.

The fourth article, entitled, "Finally, a Good Night's Sleep", appeared December 11, 2010. It discusses steps to help you reduce and eliminate the most common type of EMF, electric fields, that robs us of a good night's sleep.
To view the article, click here.

The fifth article, entitled, "Smart Meters: Should We Be Concerned?", appeared September 4, 2012. It gives an introduction to the topic of smart meters: what they do, how they affect health, and what can be done about them.
To view the article, click here.

The sixth article, entitled, "Smart Meters: The Dirty Truth", appeared September 18, 2012. It discusses the issue of so-called "dirty electricity" and smart utility meters.
To view the article, click here.

The seventh article, entitled, "You Mean Baby Monitors Aren't Safe?", appeared November 20, 2012. It discusses the risks to children and mothers from wireless devices.
To view the article, click here.

The eighth and most recent article, entitled, "Fatal Attraction: Magnetic Fields at Home (Part I)", appeared April 2, 2013. It begins a three-part series on magnetic fields in your home, starting with the basics on how magnetic fields are created and what types the building biology profession recognizes. The second and third articles in the series will cover how to measure magnetic fields and how we mitigate them.
To view the article, click here.

To view an extensive list of links to web sites documenting the health effects of exposure to EMFs caused by wireless devices, including cell phones, cordless telephones and wireless Internet (Wi-Fi) routers, click here.

To view an extensive list of links to web sites documenting the health effects of exposure to EMFs in general, click here.

To view diagrams of EMFs prepared by Oram's mentor and fellow building biologist, Spark Burmaster of Chaseburg, Wisconsin, click here.

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